Program 6 | Supplementation | Classic Physique Bible

Program 6 | Supplementation | Classic Physique Bible

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This program is taken from Pages 184 – 212 of The Classic Physique Bible

Regardless of the fact that I own a supplement company, your bodybuilding efforts will be greatly enhanced with a well thought out array of nutritional supplements. There's no argument. We all know it. What I've done here is outline what I think is the most cost-effective way of covering all the bases you'll need to build the classic physique. And I'm tossing you a special discount code to help you save money.

  • What do I really need?
  • What are the top five supplements the experts agree are the most vital.
  • Stop wasting money on supps you don't need!

Supplements are a very important addition to your training program. You can't be your best without them. Discover the supplements you need to not only build a classic physique but also stay healthy in the process.

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Everything you need to know!

This book is well thought out, well presented, interesting, entertaining and motivating at the same time. If you only buy one “how to” book about bodybuilding, this is it! And, if you're already a Rich Gaspari fan, the private Facebook Group gives you direct access to him.

Jimmy Boletta

Five stars!

I bought this eBook for my fiancé. He especially loves the videos and getting access to the private FaceBook group was a major selling point. It's like Rich is his personal trainer. I'm really happy I bought this!

Jeannie White
The Classic Physique Bible / Over 30 Years of Bodybuilding Insights

Who We Are?

Rich Gaspari

Rich Gaspari is an IFBB Hall of Fame, global bodybuilding legend. He resides among those few industry icons recognized by Arnold Schwarzenegger with his coveted Lifetime Achievement Award. He is revered for the stunning conditioning he brought to the stage, that set the standard for the classic bodybuilding era of the 80's and 90's. Rich not only brings his checkered bodybuilding credentials to the table, but also, as founder and CEO of Gaspari Nutrition, 25 years worth of supplement industry knowledge surrounding diet, nutrition, performance enhancements and methods from all over the world.

John Romano

John Romano has been a dominant and controversial voice in
bodybuilding for over 30 years. Eighteen were spent as Senior Editor of Muscular Development magazine; at the time, the top magazine of the genre. After leaving MD in 2009, Romano co-founded, the pre eminent bodybuilding media site, with over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, and was one of the original voices of bodybuilding during the industry's very first bodybuilding podcasts. Today he co-hosts the wildly popular podcasts After Hours on Rx-muscle, and Fitness Fame & Fortune with Rich Gaspari.