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About Dragon Slayer Media

DSM was formed by Rich Gaspari and John Romano to house and make available all of the media assets they create together, including their new podcast (Fitness Fame & Fortune), eBooks, ePrograms, Clothing, personal appearances, as well as advertising opportunities for vendors both inside and outside our industry. 

DSM's motto is “Slay The Dragon.” This is in reference to the nickname given to Rich by Jeff Everson (ex-husband of six-time Miss Olympia, Cory Everson and former publisher of Planet Muscle magazine) because of the indomitable tenacity Rich exemplified throughout his career.  He fought off every obstacle in front of him, regardless of how big, how powerful, how damaging. These obstacles were so great they were like dragons – in his competitive career, his personal life and in business. Rich fought them all and slayed every one of them - except for Lee Haney, but he sure gave him a run for his money, and set a new conditioning standard in the process.

In every thing you do, everything you attempt, you will come up against obstacles; these are the dragons..... 

Slay the dragon.